Hidden Fears

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. – George Addair

When I walk down the street,

I fear pedestrians.

When I first enter college,

I fear the unknown.

When I sleep on my bed,

I fear darkness.

When I drive a car,

I fear the wheels.

When I realise I’m growing,

I fear aging.

When I gobble up food,

I fear my shape.

When I watch evil,

I fear my sight.

When I play a game,

I fear injuries.

When I write an exam,

I fear grades.

When I spend time online,

I fear the reality.

When I read a book,

I fear the words.

When I look at the mirror,

I fear my virtual-self.

When I set my ambitions,

I fear life.

We fear every little situation that comes in our lives but what counts is how we overcome these fears and dare to live a happy and content life.

Thank you for your time:)


Let’s be the change!

Hello, fellow blogger! In the last one week, I’ve been looking through some amazing blogs of other people, especially on the Friday forum. There were some posts which really blew my mind away! The sites were based on poems, photography, travel, short stories, day-to-day life descriptions, inspiring quotes, inspiring essays on social issues and so on. I started thinking: What is my blog about? I got no answer. My blog is all those random thoughts that cross my mind….. So,

Let’s see what’s crossing my mind today.

Earlier today, I visited a Non Governmental Organisation which was also a center for women empowerment. It was responsible for the education, skill training and employment of girls from juvenile homes and also girls who are victims of human trafficking and physical abuse.


I asked one of the managers whether or not the number of crimes against women has decreased. She hesitated a little and said,”Not quite”. And this meant: “Not at all” It is a real ordeal to even imagine girls and women treated like toys in the society.

The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could. – Author Unknown

It is shameful for me to know that nothing has changed. Absolutely nothing. Women are abused. Not here. Not there. But everywhere. This is the problem of humanity. We are responsible for what happens as an individual and as a society. If we wait for the society’s approval to take an action these crimes, it is going to be too late.

The one thing that baffles me is: “How can somebody disrespect the person who gives birth to new life?”


Today is the day. Now is the time. It’s now or never. Let’s take an oath on behalf of humanity to nurture, respect and protect every man and woman across the world.

Thank you for your time:)



Qualities of a Best Friend

I’m too young to have a clear understanding of how friends have an impact on one’s life but I know one thing for sure and that is everyone cannot be a best friend. There are some qualities required to be one:


  1. Trust: Every relationship begins with trust. Two people can be best friends only when each of them is considerate towards the other and is protective but not overprotective of each other. It is said that this is true in case of couples but I personally think that only if trust is nurtured in a friendship, it can be endeared in a relationship.
  2. Is there for you: In difficult times, it is the family that usually gets us out of the situation but we all know that sometimes, we need somebody of our age to handle certain issues. Even if being there for me will not effect my friend at all, he/she is always there. Any psychological issue due to loneliness, shyness, introversion is mostly shared with friends. It is probably because they can solve it by themselves. I don’t need a psychiatrist if I have a good friend.
  3. Accepts you the way you are: There are no expectations in friendship. I might be an introvert or extrovert, entertaining or austere, aggravating or soothing. It really doesn’t matter to a best friend. Friends expect you to be who you are and feel comfortable around them.
  4. Gives you a warning: If I fall into an empty well, there are two kinds of people who will react to the situation. One will jump inside and tell me that we’ll die together. The other will arrange for a rope and try to save me from the disaster. This explains everything. A best friend will never want to put his friend in danger.
  5. They Share: Best friends do not have a label on their feelings. Everything that concerns my best friend concerns me too and vice-versa. All kinds of feelings are shared in an authentic friendship. A true friend will always know what is or not bothering me. The first tear is seen, the second tear is caught and the third tear is stopped.Screenshot_2018-04-05-17-51-13-489_com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox.png

Honorable mention: A best friend never forgets your birthday!! If he/she does, it is probably not your birthday!

What are your opinions on this list? Did I miss anything? Please comment below.


Being an Indian


This country has everything,

That a person looks for.

There are differences in everyone’s lifestyle,

But also unity among us all.

The Himalayas cover the northern part,

The huge and rocky mountain range.


The limpid rivers waving their way through

The Gangetic plains, hills and Deccan Plateau.

It’s great to be surrounded by people

Who greet me with a smile on their faces.

Every moment in the family and neighborhood

Is celebrated with love, exultation and Indian food!

The spectacular monuments, buildings and sculptures

With much credit to ancient history and artifice.


There are people from every walk of life,

From every region, race and linguistic community

Nobody’s ever alone here, nobody’s ever the last one

Cause they are bound by the power of love and empathy.

There are festivals of love. compassion and brotherhood

That promotes unity among Indians.

They are celebrated by everyone old and young

With enthusiasm and alacrity.


That describes the beautiful country I’m from,

‘India’- It’s the country where everyone’s always welcome!



Nothing Like School


Small and scattered bits of knowledge,

The recess, playground and swimming pool,

The values, lessons and friends forever,

Everything sums up to my dear: School.

On the first day of school, my parents left my hand,

And before I knew it, I was on a different land.

The new environment gave me unstoppable tears,

But teachers were always there to remove my fears.

Gradually, we started learning and writing tests,

But mischief was common among us all.

Everyone followed one policy in school’

“United we stand , divided we fall.”

I still remember the time when

I left that unique little family.

Those unrecorded moments

And a forever inscribed memory….

It was my first home away from home and I loved it!

It was a bewitching experience which I shall never forget…





Beauty is ‘NOT’ What You Think

Screenshot_2018-03-28-16-16-04-733_com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox.pngBeauty is not when you think like the rest,

Beauty is not when you dress up to your best,

Beauty is when you’re happy with what you have,

And live happily in your little nest.

Beauty is not when you applaud the wrong,

Beauty is not when you hurt another’s will

Beauty is when, even in this growing selfish world,

You be honest, selfless and stand still.

Beauty is not what you see in the mirror,

Beauty is not what the society thinks of you,

Beauty is when your soul finds a reason for your beauty,

And the reason is that you’re unique and there’s no one else like you!

Let’s break the stereotypes relating to beauty and respect everybody’s uniqueness!!

– Rageshree