Floral Friday


Take some time to make your own soul happy💗 I'm sorry to not have replied to most of my award nominations. There are many guests and I had unit tests. Today is the last exam. Hindi! I'm going crazy... Wish me luck for the results! Sending lots of love💜


The Sisterhood Tag


I have been nominated for the sisterhood tag by my blogger-friend Ally. You must must must check out her blog!! Her writing is so captivating that it'll keep you away from everything else happening around you!! Her posts are appealing to an enthusiastic audience❤️ She's a feminist!😊 The Rules You must have the same featured … Continue reading The Sisterhood Tag

Sunshine Blogger And Many Other things


Apparently, mother's day is not the only reason to celebrate!! Hello guys!! As you can see, I've been nominated for my first ever Sunshine Blogger Award by Dreamydamselblog. A big thank you to her for the nomination. Please check her blog! Her posts are amazing and creative to the very core. Wonderful poems, lovely pictures … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger And Many Other things

Let’s be the change!


Hello, fellow blogger! In the last one week, I've been looking through some amazing blogs of other people, especially on the Friday forum. There were some posts which really blew my mind away! The sites were based on poems, photography, travel, short stories, day-to-day life descriptions, inspiring quotes, inspiring essays on social issues and so … Continue reading Let’s be the change!

What a score! Pun intended.

So, I have finished my first term exams. I have something very interesting to share with you guys. When we accuse someone of malpractice while writing an exam, we must always look at the different dimensions of the problem. Below are my opinions on this topic. The education system values grades over authenticity, answers more … Continue reading What a score! Pun intended.