What drives a writer?

I was asked an insightful question by Susi during the blog party: how long have you been writing and what drives you? I figured I'd write a post for all the writers out there. Being a blogger, a poet, an author or a novelist is not anything to be ashamed of. It is not uncool.... Continue Reading →

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It’s New Time!❤️

If there's one thing I've learnt in the last year, it's that we must celebrate every little moment in our lives. We cannot wait for big things to happen because they may never happen. Laugh at your own jokes even if they're stupid. Love everyone even though it's not what they deserve. Open your hearts... Continue Reading →

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The Spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas Is to give Give all those who don't get It's about the smile Floating in the ocean of tears It's about the smile Lying within a tortured soul It's about the roses Lying on a bed of thorns It's about the festival of love In this world of hatred It's about... Continue Reading →

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Life On Repeat

It's 5 in the morning, the clock's going tick tock And there in my bed I peacefully lay Then I hear the noise in the kitchen And now I'm here letting my toothbrush sway If you're a kid in school or college Get ready, cause your bus is on its way If an adult, please... Continue Reading →

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Blog Party 500+ Followers

Hello lovelies!!❤️ First of all, I want to apologise if I haven't sent an invite to everyone. EVERYONE is more than welcome here. I am here to celebration of your contribution to the growth of my blog. I want all of you to participate. So, since this isn't an actual party, we can't eat, get... Continue Reading →

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What a score! Pun intended.

So, I have finished my first term exams. I have something very interesting to share with you guys. When we accuse someone of malpractice while writing an exam, we must always look at the different dimensions of the problem. Below are my opinions on this topic. The education system values grades over authenticity, answers over... Continue Reading →

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Quote of the Month [August]

Have you heard people saying, "He/She completes me. I'm nothing without him/her" or "I need someone to complete me." What thoughts run in your mind during such a situation? True love is not blind. It is an invisible thread that holds two people together. It doesn't pull their personalities together. It blends both personalities and... Continue Reading →

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Time for the Awards!

I know that this is a very long post. It's okay if you don't read it it but do check out for the nominations. You have a chance!❤️ The Sunshine Blogger Award#3 Thank you so much for nominating me myplace3187. A very good friend and an active blogger. Personally, I think his blog is unique... Continue Reading →

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The Words of Rainfall

My eyes are dry and lifeless. I'm placing my head. On a window pain With raindrops tapping on it Incessantly. Millions of thoughts Running across me. What do you think? Am I good enough for this society? Do I have to be better? Can I be? Is this my real personality? Some random realisations. Some... Continue Reading →

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Don’t just live your life. Conquer it.

This a guide to every person's journey through life. So, for the next couple of minutes, just close your eyes and think of the derogatory terms people have used for you or every time your vulnerability has become the cause of your downfall. The following tips will enhance the way you live and the way... Continue Reading →

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Quote of the Month [July]

Be exactly who you are and be proud of it. Don't pretend to be another person just to fit in. You are a different individual for a reason. When I hear of people hating themselves, it just breaks my heart. In case you've forgotten today: You are beautiful. You are loved. You have a purpose.... Continue Reading →

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Love, Pride and Acceptance

A warm welcome to all my fellow bloggers!! I love you. I accept you. You are not different. You are my reflection. You are my friend. No one can take your place. All the love stories Boy and girl Girl and boy Open your mind. See the big picture. Give yourself a chance Reset stereotypes.... Continue Reading →

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Happy Fathers’ Day

I can proudly say that my dad has done exactly that💜 He is a role model and I wish that every man in this country can think like him. He is a feminist. He is open minded. He supports whatever I support. He believes that education is authentic only when it teaches you how to... Continue Reading →

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Floral Friday

Take some time to make your own soul happy💗 I'm sorry to not have replied to most of my award nominations. There are many guests and I had unit tests. Today is the last exam. Hindi! I'm going crazy... Wish me luck for the results! Sending lots of love💜

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Waves of Happiness

Where is the love? Where are the people? I'm waiting on the shore. Waiting for the waves of happiness. Where are the tears? Where are the fears? Waiting for someone who cares I'm waiting for the waves of happiness. Where is the laughter? Where are the memories? I'm waiting for the moments I've lost Waiting... Continue Reading →

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Sunshine Blogger Award #2

I've been nominated for the sunshine blogger award yet again, by myplace3178, yet again! My love to all my followers and a special thanks to him... He has a wonderful blog. He posts his stories, developments in the society and so many other things which will keep you interested throughout. Must go and check out... Continue Reading →

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The Sisterhood Tag

I have been nominated for the sisterhood tag by my blogger-friend Ally. You must must must check out her blog!! Her writing is so captivating that it'll keep you away from everything else happening around you!! Her posts are appealing to an enthusiastic audience❤️ She's a feminist!😊 The Rules You must have the same featured... Continue Reading →

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See Through Her Eyes

Living in a house of hay Feeding on just a single meal Raising both her daughters With no means to earn her bread The husband's hardly home Even if he is, it's for his own self Any small mistake made by her Her drunkard man retorts. There is no forgiveness Her body is bent Her... Continue Reading →

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Top 10 English songs in my playlist

I've been very busy lately with all the projects and other stuff in college. So, here's a light post. Let's take a break from the deep thoughts and social issues! I do love the Hollywood movies and English TV shows very much but I am not a huge fan of English songs.. But there are... Continue Reading →

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Sunshine Blogger And Many Other things

Apparently, mother's day is not the only reason to celebrate!! Hello guys!! As you can see, I've been nominated for my first ever Sunshine Blogger Award by Dreamydamselblog. A big thank you to her for the nomination. Please check her blog! Her posts are amazing and creative to the very core. Wonderful poems, lovely pictures... Continue Reading →

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My Mother, My First Love❤️

When you first held me in your arms I knew that it was your long hidden dream come true When you gazed into my eyes with zeal I knew that our bond was special When you jumped on the bed for my achievements I realized that it meant more to you When you stopped talking... Continue Reading →

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At the Borders

Wearing the shades of green and brown Bathed in the blood of patriotism Dressed in the clothes of warriors Holding the letters of love From families far far away With childhood memories left at home Disciplined and determined With the courage of risking life Working for the safety of his countrymen Holding the guns to... Continue Reading →

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My First Liebster Award

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award for the first time after I started my blogging journey. I was shocked to the core when I received a notification of my nomination. I have been nominated by a wonderful blogger and friend- Ally . I express my gratitude to her. You must check out her... Continue Reading →

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Happy Hundred!!

Hello fellow blogger!! I am very happy to inform you about hitting 100 followers on my blog. I would like to thank all the nice people who have read my blog posts, liked them and followed my blog. It has been a very good first month. I wish to blog for as many days as... Continue Reading →

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I am Asifa. This is my story.

I am eight. I love to play. I don't know my aims. I don't know my future. I just live in the present. And make the most out of it. But then, one day, And five days after, Were the days of horror. That day I lost faith in humanity. The day I lost faith... Continue Reading →

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Let’s be the change!

Hello, fellow blogger! In the last one week, I've been looking through some amazing blogs of other people, especially on the Friday forum. There were some posts which really blew my mind away! The sites were based on poems, photography, travel, short stories, day-to-day life descriptions, inspiring quotes, inspiring essays on social issues and so... Continue Reading →

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Being an Indian

This country has everything, That a person looks for. There are differences in everyone's lifestyle, But also unity among us all. The Himalayas cover the northern part, The huge and rocky mountain range. The limpid rivers waving their way through The Gangetic plains, hills and Deccan Plateau. It's great to be surrounded by people Who... Continue Reading →

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Wordless Wednesday

Beauty lies above the horizon and under the sea. Every gorgeous sunrise and tranquil sunset will bestow on us a colourful and starry night❤️. Have a nice day:)

My 1st Blogiversary Party

Hello folks! I have great news for me and you! On March 28th 2019, I completed one year on WordPress. I am thankful to each and every one of my followers. I am sorry to not have posted this earlier. I was very busy with college admissions. I hope you understand. I am so happy... Continue Reading →


Hello peoples from all over the world! Thank you so much for your love and support while I was away. It was a life changing couple of months. I met a lot of people. I finally posted something on Instagram after a long long time😄. I would love to share my experiences with you guys.... Continue Reading →

Farewell, not the end.

Heyyllo pipal! I was nominated by Petrel for a Real Neat Blog Award. Check out his blog for several insightful posts! A new one every single day! I was also nominated by Zarbakht Bilal for the leibster award. Check out her blog guys! It's full of positivity and alacrity! Her write ups will make you... Continue Reading →

My Playlist

Heyyy people!!! Since I have had to keep my distance from social media, I always reserve at least half an hour a day for recreation and that is, listening to music. Ah! Let's get started. Just FYI, some of the songs are old and a few of them are new and they aren't in an... Continue Reading →

Eighteen Years of my Life!

Heyyy people!! I have Awesome news! I turned 18 today. Here's a post of the 18 things I've learnt in the last 18 years: 1. Love yourself no matter what. Will always be my first lesson. 2. There's no need to have specific aims in life. Life is a roller coaster ride, not a flowchart.... Continue Reading →

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