The Phone Calls.

Hello, nice people!

Here’s another flash fiction piece for y’all.

This one is a little more intense with a couple of triggers. I’ve mentioned them down below. Here we go.

Trigger warnings: Alcoholism and sexual assault.

Image credit: Social Media Week

Neha: (On the phone) So yeah, if I’ve come so far, I want to give it my all.

Rimi: Good for you! You were texting me about some ‘Anya’?

Neha: Amya. Yes. Honestly, I do not understand why she is even here. She is so stupid. She laughs for the silliest reasons and makes everyone feel uncomfortable. She constantly dresses up in fancy dresses. She thinks she’s so perfect because she got into the debate club. I don’t like her vibe at all.

Rimi: Maybe give yourself some time. You will eventually warm up to her- it’s only been a week.

Neha: I don’t see that happening. Last night, we were supposed to go out for drinks. She bailed at the last minute!!

Amya: Hey Neha! How is it going?

Neha: Hey! I just-

Amya: Excuse me, just a minute. (On the phone)Hello, Ryan?

Ryan: Hey sis. Congrats on the debate club! On a teeny weeny side note, mom insists we go out to dinner.

Amya: No, absolutely not. Don’t let her go anywhere for now. She went through hell last time and, we cannot let her fall off the wagon.

Ryan: Sis, I am sorry to say this. She has already gone back. She not only lost her job yesterday, she…. she….

Amya: I am freaking out, Ryan! She?

Ryan: She lost the sexual assault lawsuit. They say they ‘settled’ it with the head of the company. (after a moment of silence) She told you not to worry and concentrate on college. I can handle it. (sobs)You were there for her the last time, weren’t you? (after another moment of silence) Please say something. Anything.

Amya broke into tears.

Neha stood there, frozen and shattered.


We live once. We help the people we love. We will never know what another person is going through but what counts is the feeling of empathy. Good and bad in human beings is not black and white, and there is always more than just two sides of the story.

Did you like the story? Have you ever experienced something like this? Do you believe in giving people second chances even after hurtful mistakes? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading:)


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