An April in Quarantine

Hey, peeps! I hope you are doing well! You can read the whole article. It seems long because of the pictures:)

Technically, the lockdown in India started way before (in the middle of March). After about sixty days in quarantine, the country has not been able to flatten the curve. That being said, India has one of the lowest rates of coronavirus cases per lakh of population. The advantage we had over other countries is that we started practising social distancing and went into lockdown when our country had only about 500 cases (also keep in mind: limited testing).

I was supposed to go back to college in the third week of March. Instead, I’m at home. I didn’t anticipate any of this. I did not carry more than one novel to read and left a couple of my textbooks back in my hostel room. This was the introduction to my life in quarantine.

I wasted the month of March like an entitled college kid (no offence to college kids😁) but in April, I started trying to make these days worth living. I don’t want to regret anything at all.

Here are some of the activities I tried:

  1. Ebooks and Audiobooks

Okay. I can hear judgements from old school readers. Even I was sceptical about online reading but desperate times call for desperate measures. Also, it doesn’t matter how you read if you like to read. I left all my novels back home so I decided to switch to a brilliant audiobook platform called Storytel. Click on the link and check it out. I read three novels and several short stories in the last month due to this platform. No, I am not being paid for promotion:) I am just sharing the joy of reading. I will share the book reviews in my next post. In April, I read ‘They Both Die At the End’. I never thought that a novel which had the climax in its title could be this exciting. I recommend this if you like the genres – Young Adult, Science Fiction, Adventure and Romance.

  1. Asian Drama Series

I used to watch Netflix and I have finished almost all the awesome series. Asian drama series (Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese) is a very new activity I started last month. Most of the series I have watched is the category of ‘Boys love’. Many of you might not know of this and it’s fine. The first one I watched was ‘Sotus: The Series’. It’s there on Netflix and YouTube. If you like feel-good emotional and adventurous drama and you are not a homophobic person, give this genre a fair try. If you want recommendations, feel free to comment.

  1. Family time

Why is it third in the list? Lol. I don’t know. I’m going with the flow. One of the things that COVID-19 has taught is loving your family even when you are with them all the time. Let’s face it: spending too much time with family reduces the value of love and we tend to take the small moments of happiness for granted. Privacy is very important. Everybody in my family comes together to spend once a day and have at least one meal together. Otherwise, all of us have personal hobbies and work. My father watches the news and works from home. My mother is a teacher. I don’t really have to explain how much teachers are suffering due to this lockdown. My brother cooks and does regular housework (his exams had just gotten over).

  1. Art and Craft

No. I’m not good at this, I’ll do the writing part. Thank you for the offer. I’ve been saying this for ten years. It took me a global pandemic to start realising that there is a tiny part of me that wants to paint and make things. Here are some of the ‘craftwork’ I did in April:

As I said, amateur is the word:)

5. Recipes
I was fat. Now, I’m fatter. I still love food. My brother made dinner almost every day in April. We looked for recipes on Youtube and made a restaurant in our kitchen. By the way, cooking is a very innovative way to connect with your family. Some of the dinner time photos:

Tempting, huh?

I think this is pretty much it. If you are reading this post, let me know what you are upto at home. Please pray for everyone across the world; the covid patients, the front-line healthcare workers, journalists, the police force, grocery shopkeepers and everybody at home.

Lots of love to you and thank you for reading:)

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    1. Yep, it’s like we joked about we joked about a six month baba too twice a year and it’s kinda happening. So why not make use of it?:) I hope you are safe and happy❤️


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