The World’s Worst Interview


Hello folks! I am very excited for college admissions even though there was this one time I felt everything was falling apart. I had applied for Economics Hons and English Hons in my college. I realized later that Economics Hons might have been a good subject to study but it wasn’t for me. I am here to share my first ever University interview experience. (A little exaggeration for comic effect)

Note: This post comprises all the things you should never do in an interview:

Backstory: I cracked the written exam and was shortlisted for the second round: Skill Assessment and Personal Interview. There were two teachers at the interview panel. I was so so so nervous that I cannot even explain.

This is how it went: [I skipped the few parts that went well.]

Interviewer 1: Hi hello! Are you nervous? You look exhausted. Please drink some water.

Me: No, I jut ran downstairs to get a photocopy. (Bad impression: Always bring ALL the required documents. Don’t run around.)

Interviewer 2: Drink some water. It’s fine.

Me: [I am so confused because I have a water bottle in my bag and they still gave me theirs. I am looking up and down, up and then down. Then, I drank from theirs:)]

Interviewer 1: Tell me about yourself.

Me: Well, my name is Rageshree. I have studied social science in Christ Junior College. I was born and raised here in Bangalore but I am originally a Bengali. (Totally irrelevant by the way)

Interviewer 1: You have 99% in 12th grade economics. You must be the master of economics! (You’re so wrong madam)

Me: [Shyly smiling] Thenk you…

Interview 2: Why have you attached two copies of your marks card?

Me: I had both of them attested so I attached both of them. (The stupidest answer you can ever give anyone!)

Interviewer 2: Wow! So you attached both.

Interviewer 1: Explain Balance of Payments.

Me: [One of the answers I am proud of. I explained everything. What it is was, imports and exports and its three tiers] [I am skipping a few questions here- the ones that I answered correctly.]

Interviewer 1: Who is the Governor of RBI?

Me: Right now? (Of course, you dumbo!)

Interviewer 1: Yes

Me: It was Urjit Patel, forgot the recent one’s name. Was it male or female? First and last letter? (This is not a game of hangman my dear)

Interviewer 1: Okay. Why have you chosen BA Hons? Why not B Com or BBA?

Me: I saw that you have non core arts subjects. (I have nothing to say. Here, for the first and the last time, it was the interviewer’s fault. I said very clearly that I was a ‘social science’ student. The other courses are entirely business related. She was clearly not listening to the ‘Tell me about yourself’)

Interview 1: Oh! You are from an arts background. [Looks into my application and sees all arts subjects. Also, notes down my overall percentage in both the years. God knows for what!]

Interviewer 2: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Me: Probably journalism, something with writing. (That’s it. I knew it was over right here. I am an eighteen year old girl. I have millions of dreams!)

Interviewer 2: So, have you applied for other courses?

Me: English and Journalism Hons.

Interviewer 1: Why a BA Hons course, why not a simple one?

Me: A course with Hons seems to be more challenging. (Good going)

Interviewer 2: Do you read or watch the news?

Me: Yes, I read the headlines of daily news. (Big mistake! I hadn’t read the news in the last few months due to exams.)

Interviewer 2: How to you get updates?

Me: I have this UPSC App on my phone. Everyday, the headlines are displayed. [UPSC- a common civil service exam in India. Now they are puzzled about what I had just said.]

Interviewer 2: So, your main aim is UPSC?

Me: No No. I just use that App to read the news. (Big mistake!)

Interviewer 1: Tell us any four or five headlines in the past few weeks.

Me: (I started sweating. There was a long moment of silence. I mumbled something about the Sri Lanka attacks and Brexit but then kept quiet) [I am skipping a few questions, here.]

Interviewer 1 & 2: Alright, okay. Thank you very much.

Me: Thank you, teachers.

——The End——

Always Always Always: Be confident and honest.

How many of you are going off to college this year? Have you had embarrassing  interview moments? What do you think of this interview? It was a huge blunder wasn’t it?:) I have my interview for English on the 23rd of May. I am preparing for it so that I don’t make the same mistakes. I hope I have all your best wishes for this one. I you have any advice for me, please feel free to comment below.

Thank you for reading:)


29 thoughts on “The World’s Worst Interview

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  1. You did fine, it was an interview and you can’t bomb those unless you don’t show up.😁. We oft make ourselves nervous for interviews by thinking to much, relax, keep it simple, less is more and practice in the mirror is what I found out that helps a lot. That way you can see how you are presenting yourself to your interviewers. Good luck lovely!🌹

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    1. Oh yes, practising in front of the mirror is very helpful! I was never really a public speaker. This is why I prefer writing or texting to speaking to the person. But how long have I been able to dodge my insecurities?😂 Thank you so much for your advice!❤️ Love and hugs to you too:)

      Liked by 1 person

          1. 😊. One on one speaking is just like speaking to a crowd lovely, it’s just one on one on one on one….and so on.😂. That’s how you look at it. I’m sure you’ll get over your fear, you’ll be great.❤️🌹

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  2. Ohhh god that attested asnwer by you was just amazinly beautiful 😂
    And journalism 😍
    Btw u was pretty confident too in ur saying ,so it’s okay , it’s ur 1st time ri8 ?? It happens , main thing is u got experience (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
    All the best wishes and prayers for u dear ❤️

    Liked by 3 people

    1. That attested answer got me in big trouble, okay?😂
      Yes, this is the very first time..
      If that’s confidence to you, I don’t think you understand the meaning of the word😅 I was sweating!!!
      Thanks for the support!💜


  3. Fine. Everything is an experience. Keep on moving .
    Don’t feel for what happened.
    This is what I do advice my children .
    All the very best for your upcoming career.
    Do it with full coincidence. Of course you have the potential.
    You writings are interesting.
    I almost read everything that you write.
    Once again all the very best

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    1. I am over it, I have many more colleges in mind and so many more challenges in life to face. Thank you so much for reading my posts even though I don’t post regularly, it means a lot❤️. I’m sure your children are as supportive and positive spirited as you! Lots of love:)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You did great dear. It’s a part of journey of life. First interview is always tough. I loved the way you wrote what was going through your head. All the best

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