Don’t just live your life. Conquer it.

This a guide to every person’s journey through life. So, for the next couple of minutes, just close your eyes and think of the derogatory terms people have used for you or every time your vulnerability has become the cause of your downfall. The following tips will enhance the way you live and the way you look at life:

1. Don’t consider yourself lesser

Everyone has a reason to live on.

Ignore the opinions of people

The only reason others are there is for support

2. At some point in life

You will realise that money cannot buy happiness

It can only buy satisfaction

3. Do not give others gifts

If you want, give them time

And if you can, give them your love

They will know that you’re there

4. Always remember

Life is not easy for anyone

Not you. Not me. Not anyone.

5. There is no specific right or wrong path

You are always on the right path

Until your words or actions hurt someone

6. If anyone is degrading you out of jealousy

Consider yourself privileged to be a role model

But you must never trap your heart in envy

It will poison your life and kill your conscience

7. Your life counts.

You have a purpose.

You are beautiful.

Stereotypes do not define beauty.

They define the superficial self

Hiding the actual personality.

[I am dark

I am fat

I have short hair

I am proud

I am hot

I am beautiful]

8. Take pride in who you are as a person.

Rather than your blind or unknown self.

If people say that who you are is going against the “norms”,

Tell them that the norms are for people who follow them.

9. Live your life the way you want to live it

Do not wait for others’ validation

You will never get it.

10. Don’t rush with others’ timelines

Take your own time.

Experience. Embrace. Reflect.

11. Love your life. It’s the only one you get.

When you die, you must have no regrets.

Don’t just live your life

Conquer it.❤️

How’s your Monday going? Good, bad or blah? Do you agree with the points I’ve mentioned? If you think I should add anything, please comment below.

I’m very busy in college right now. There are so many events, so much of travelling and also studies to manage. If I haven’t replied to any of your comments or read any of your posts, you’re free to let me know.

Thank you so much for reading❤️

Have a nice day!

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