Wordless Wednesday #7

When nature speaks volumes with silent notes❤️

Picture details: I took these pictures during my trip to Jammu last year. I’ll share more in the coming weeks.

Stay safe and stay happy!:)

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  1. Wow ! I went to Leh, Ladakh last year. After seeing these photos, I regret not going to Jammu having gone *so* close to the place.
    I read your 18th birthday post. Those are some really amazing things you’ve learned in just 18 years !
    I also read “The New Decade” and badly wanted to leave a comment, but it’s a pity that comments are closed for that post and for the 18th birthday post ( can you please check on that? All your readers would love to drop a comment, no matter how long ago the post was 😀 )
    Old people fill my heart with happiness and so did that post ❤

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    1. Leh ladakh is definitely on my list of places, I haven’t been to a lot of places in the North like Manali Kasol and others. You should visit Jammu. It is like the perfect place to visit with family and loved ones.
      Thank you so much for reading those posts. It means a lot.
      It’s very important to be thankful and that was me on my eighteen birthday. I went from no friends to a bunch of awesome friends. It was an eye opening day for me.
      I opened the comments again lol. I closed it long back when I wasn’t in the heads pace to answer comments or use WordPress for that matter. And then, being the absent-minded person I am, I forgot how to open and close comments😂
      I am happy you found my posts inspiring. The thing I like is that old people make us realise that we’ll not get time back so whining is not a solution to life. They smile and make us forget our problems.
      Thank you so much for this comment. Made my day♥️ We should do a post together some day.

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      1. You should definitely go there. I have written about my trip to the place, saved as a draft. Many people don’t know about the northernmost villages of India, Turtuk and Thang. The villages are a must visit if you’re into culture tourism. It filled my heart with happiness when I went there.

        That is so cool! You have another friend now 🙂 A friend from the blogosphere ❤

        Haha.😂😂 I hope you find out one day. I don't know how to either, I'll let you know if I find out.

        Very,very true. Just looking at old people is inspiring enough. When they talk, you can see the beauty of life- they're a child all over again.
        Definitely! I would love to. My schedule is jam packed with mock exams and preparation for entrance exams. I won't be posting until August end. I'll let you know then and we can work something out ❤ 😀

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        1. You should post it when you’re back! I’d love to know how your trip went:) I opened comments by the way😂 I love meeting people from the blogosphere. I feel like even though we’re different, we’ve always got something to share cause we bloggers lol🙂
          There’s no hurry. Good luck for your exams and stuff! Stay safe and stay sane♥️


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