Hello peoples from all over the world! Thank you so much for your love and support while I was away. It was a life changing couple of months. I met a lot of people. I finally posted something on Instagram after a long long time😄. I would love to share my experiences with you guys.... Continue Reading →

Farewell, not the end.

Heyyllo pipal! I was nominated by Petrel for a Real Neat Blog Award. Check out his blog for several insightful posts! A new one every single day! I was also nominated by Zarbakht Bilal for the leibster award. Check out her blog guys! It's full of positivity and alacrity! Her write ups will make you... Continue Reading →

My Playlist

Heyyy people!!! Since I have had to keep my distance from social media, I always reserve at least half an hour a day for recreation and that is, listening to music. Ah! Let's get started. Just FYI, some of the songs are old and a few of them are new and they aren't in an... Continue Reading →

Eighteen Years of my Life!

Heyyy people!! I have Awesome news! I turned 18 today. Here's a post of the 18 things I've learnt in the last 18 years: 1. Love yourself no matter what. Will always be my first lesson. 2. There's no need to have specific aims in life. Life is a roller coaster ride, not a flowchart.... Continue Reading →

What drives a writer?

I was asked an insightful question by Susi during the blog party: how long have you been writing and what drives you? I figured I'd write a post for all the writers out there. Being a blogger, a poet, an author or a novelist is not anything to be ashamed of. It is not uncool.... Continue Reading →

It’s New Time!❤️

If there's one thing I've learnt in the last year, it's that we must celebrate every little moment in our lives. We cannot wait for big things to happen because they may never happen. Laugh at your own jokes even if they're stupid. Love everyone even though it's not what they deserve. Open your hearts... Continue Reading →

The Spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas Is to give Give all those who don't get It's about the smile Floating in the ocean of tears It's about the smile Lying within a tortured soul It's about the roses Lying on a bed of thorns It's about the festival of love In this world of hatred It's about... Continue Reading →

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