It’s New Time!❤️

If there's one thing I've learnt in the last year, it's that we must celebrate every little moment in our lives. We cannot wait for big things to happen because they may never happen. Laugh at your own jokes even if they're stupid. Love everyone even though it's not what they deserve. Open your hearts... Continue Reading →


The Spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas Is to give Give all those who don't get It's about the smile Floating in the ocean of tears It's about the smile Lying within a tortured soul It's about the roses Lying on a bed of thorns It's about the festival of love In this world of hatred It's about... Continue Reading →

Life On Repeat

It's 5 in the morning, the clock's going tick tock And there in my bed I peacefully lay Then I hear the noise in the kitchen And now I'm here letting my toothbrush sway If you're a kid in school or college Get ready, cause your bus is on its way If an adult, please... Continue Reading →

The Power of Silence

Life is not pleasant Not only for you, Not only for me, But for us. Some people will love Others will hate And I choose to be silent Cause this is my fate. My heart is exposed to Trauma, hatred and disease But also comfort and faith Love, acceptance and peace. The only hurdle that... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Month [October]

Many don't realise the importance of this saying. The answers are not the same because the questions are based on you and your life. Wishing all my lovely followers luck for solving the exam of life❤️ And Wish me luck! My mid term exams are coming up! Happy October!

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