What Freedom Means To You.

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To my future child,

I know you have grown.

The child I held in my arms

Has now learnt living alone.

It wasn’t long back

When you couldn’t pronounce ‘r’.

Do you realise how much you speak now?

And how far from your home you are?

I won’t ask you if you’ve eaten

I won’t ask if you’ve slept well

I won’t ask about studying at all, but

If you want to share something, you can always tell.

The world is no fancy place,

There is no mercy for me or you

When circumstances become difficult,

The friends you count on will be there with you.

It is not the time to stay aloof,

Explore what your life has to present.

Parties, trips and partners will come and go

But don’t you forget to pay the rent!

I hope you know what freedom is

Freedom is a very tricky thing

Freedom is flying your own kite

Ensuring you don’t cut off another string.

Taste all the flavours of life

Never miss out on anything.

Opportunities will just walk past you

If you keep them long waiting.

I don’t lie when I say I missed out

But I do not have any remorse.

I enjoyed all the moments good or bad,

Life always kept me on my toes!

Let there be a mystery in you,

Let there be some thinking too.

For if I tell you how to live your life,

What will your heart ever learn to do?

-Your mother, India

Why did I post this today? Hehe. (If you’re smart enough, you’ll get why)

Happy Independence Day to all my Indian readers out there! I love you all!

Now coming to the post: I wrote for a daily prompt challenge and the topic was ‘Write a poem for your future son’. I never got to participate in the challenge because of my internship (story of my life). Butttttt, this is what I wrote.

No, I am not a parent, and I didn’t imagine myself as a parent for writing this. This is what I want the future generation of youngsters to know. You have the freedom to fly without destroying others’ freedom. When the time comes to leave the nest and face the world, do not misuse the newfound freedom. Use this freedom to explore,  and spread love and happiness around you!


India is much more than a first world description of culture and traditions. The power of change and advancement lies in the youth, the people of our country.

If you feel what I am saying, share this poem with your loved ones. What is freedom according to you? Do you think people misinterpret what freedom is for their own benefit? Do you think youngsters in India need to be given more freedom to express themselves? Let’s discuss in the comments section!

Thank you for reading:)

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  1. This such a informative post. Seriously got to check out clg application post you linked at the top. You have this youthful presence which I just adore about you. Amazing poem by the way. Keep blogging and may you reach all your blogging and your dream goals. Happy Independence day 💞🌸

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