Yes, I am Ugly.

The bright eyes,
The skin fair,
The fancy earring,
The jet black hair.

The chosen career,
The perfect diet,
The demure nature,
The prescribed talent.

I hear the clatter
The rivalry between
What is
And what can be.

My biggest milestone

Is self-realisation


I don’t have anything
That you expect of me

There is love,
Burning in the lantern of my heart

Through and through

And a passion
Emanating from the my soul.

That makes ‘me’ me
And ‘you’ you.

After detaching
The external disabilities,

What I find is

Inner ability.

I put the ‘norm’ in normal,
You put ‘judgement’ in judgemental.

That is why
Our eyes see differently.
I see me with my eyes

You see me with yours
This is why I see beautiful

But for you
Yes, I am ugly.

Believe it or not, we all are going to become dust and be a part of the soil on earth someday. Nobody can care less about how you look. The life you live, the footsteps you create and the people you inspire are finally going to make a change in this world.

Everything we do is due to what society tells us. Everything. Very simple example: If you’re the only person living in this world, would you wear clothes? It’s fine to adhere to society’s rules, but become a slave to them.

Every judgement that is passed, every immature comment, every threat to your self dignity are just challenges to reach a stage where you can live an authentic life. Try not to relive someone else. Try to live yourself taking lessons from your life.

Nobody is perfect and can ever be. When you call a person ‘ugly’, it is high time to reflect on the realities. You can be unattractive my dear, but you can’t be ugly. If their is love in your heart, even a little, you’re living. If you’re just imitating the lifestyle of others, you’re just existing.

6 out of 10 girls in India are obsessed with good looks, fair skin, a perfect body, perfect hair. Why? Beauty comes from inside. Purely from inside. This is why unless I get to know someone personally, I can’t call him/her beautiful. However, people call be ugly because I don’t give them the ‘model’ or ‘actress’ vibe.

I give this reason for not using filters when I take pictures of myself- I don’t want to look like any random girl on Snapchat or Instagram, I want to look like myself.

After detaching all the external disabilities, I find inner ability. The ability to live a life that’s mine and only mine. If all the physical and materialistic attributes of your life are removed, who am I and what do I want?

This question’s answer will answer your question on life.

Hey! Bloggers! I’m back from my hiatus and I hope you enjoyed this post. I want you to share your experiences wherein you’ve been judged or mocked for being a little different from others. How did you deal with it and how did it affect your life? All I want to say is that everyone is unique. Everyone is beautiful. Everyone should be loved not for what they are but who they are. Spread some love❤️

Thank you so much for reading:)

20 thoughts on “Yes, I am Ugly.

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  1. I have been judged so many time for color and stuff. I had put up a post before on this matter. People think beauty is being fair skinny etc etc. But beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, beauty lies inside the soul, beauty lies in our thoughts and actions, beauty is us.

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  2. This is so beautiful!!! Like today one of my besties told me how her mom’s friend kept telling her to diet and do something about her face cuz apparantly according to her she’s not pretty. She kept putting her down and telling her to stop being friends with us cuz it’ll ruin our reputation and she felt so unworthy. She didn’t eat for days and when she did,she just threw it up. Honestly, does that lady think I become friends with people based on their looks? My bestie is beautiful inside and out. People need to stop judging others by their appearance. Appearances are deceptive.

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    1. Thank you so much🖤 I’ve been there. I so understand how it is to be humiliated because of your weight. I am that bestie you’re talking about. My best friends always tell me that I’m amazing and beautiful the way I am. Even if very less people tell me that, it makes me feel so much better. We have to stop thinking inside these little boxes that society has created. You’re very right. Appearances are deceptive. Lots of love and hugs🌹💜

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  3. “I put the ‘norm’ in normal,
    You put ‘judgement’ in judgemental” This was the most raw line in this whole post because this most relatable. Everybody is weird in their own way but some people are considered in the weird category because they are being judged based on popularity.
    Most common people judge you on is your looks, how much money you have, your popularity, the type of job you work, the way your significant other looks, and the way you read.
    I have been judged so many times for being quiet.
    I learned that strangers are quicker to judge and form opinions about you, but the people closest to you are the ones the judge the harshes behind your back.
    People pick and choose who to judge based on popularity. More people that are jealous of you, the higher chance you have of being judged.

    This was an awesome post and glad I ran across it.
    I look forward to reading more from you Rageshree

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    1. Thank you so much for taking your time and reading this post❤️ You’re very right. Everybody is weird in his/her own way and who are we to judge? Really… How do our looks, our career, our money matter if we can’t love ourselves?. I’ve always been judged for being a little different from other girls. If you’re smart you will know what those differences are. The problem is that it takes a lot of time and hardwork to get to know someone and most people are just not ready to invest that much effort.
      Thank you💜
      Lots of love and hugs♥️


      1. Nice reply
        Now some people are more weird than others(lol no disrespect) but so what.
        It does take hardwork to know somebody and must don’t have patience. Patience is thin like ice
        I appreciate you responding back to me

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