Time Lost and Gained [100th Post]

Hey everyone! I am so excited because this is my 100th post. Thank you to every person here for supporting my writing:)

As a gift- I decided to write a little flash fiction post today. I hope you like it!

Picture credit: Unsplash

Brian enters his house only to see everything scattered. There is expensive antique stuff, kitchen utensils and empty boxes everywhere. There was no one at home. He had watched a horror film the day before, and he was not enjoying the prank.

“Father? Are you there?”

He heard a loud thump coming from his parents’ bedroom. The wall clock was lying there, it’s sides broken.

No, this is not possible. DAD?

“Yes dear?” A voice came from the front door.

Brian went and hugged his father. He asked his dad why the whole house was a mess.

‘I am re-arranging and cleaning everything.

”You, and cleaning? I don’t believe that.

”Okay, your mother wanted this to be a surprise but I can’t hold it in anymore. Your mom is coming back this weekend. I want her to feel safe and welcome. That’s why the cleaning and….’

Brian was too thrilled to wait for the sentence to finish. He hadn’t seen his mother since the pandemic began. She rented a place near the hospital because she did not want to risk the health of Brian and his dad.

He screamed with excitement, “YOU’RE KIDDING! That is amazing news!”

“Yes, it’s true, keep your voice down. The neighbors may gossip. But for the record, I am just as happy as you are. I missed her and I know you did too. The cases have gone down and they are letting her go home for a week. We need to be very careful and YOU need to help me sort this place.”

Brian nodded and followed his dad in the living room.

He continued, “Also, I don’t know what is up with the wall-clock. I cannot take it off the wall to save my life!”

“Oh yeah, about that….”


Every one of us has been effected by this pandemic in different ways and one of the biggest concerns is the lost time. I hope that reading/watching stories of love, friendship and loyalty has kept your faith in humanity alive. Let me know if you liked this and how you’ve been coping with the current situation in the comments!

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Thank you so much for reading:)


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