My 1st Blogiversary Party

Hello folks!

I have great news for me and you! On March 28th 2019, I completed one year on WordPress.

I am thankful to each and every one of my followers. I am sorry to not have posted this earlier. I was very busy with college admissions. I hope you understand.

I am so happy you guys have been a part of this wonderful journey. If you are interested in participating in this party, please answer the following questions:

1) What does blogging mean to you?

2) A post from your blog that I Must! Read!

3) Your favourite post from my blog.

4) A link of your website and a short description of what it is about.

5) Any question you want to ask me. (Can be personal. If I feel the answer is very important to me, I might write a separate post about it)

I love you guys more than you know it;)

Here’s a little something to get to know me better:

My Instagram

Thank you so much for reading:)

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