The Power of Silence

Life is not pleasant
Not only for you,
Not only for me,
But for us.

Some people will love
Others will hate
And I choose to be silent Cause this is my fate.

My heart is exposed to Trauma, hatred and disease But also comfort and faith Love, acceptance and peace.

The only hurdle that lies
Between me and my legacy Is that sparkle of difference Between reality and fantasy.

Every experience is not a boon
Every heartbreak is not a bane I know my life is in the right place
When I overpower the constant pain

The darkness in light
The destruction of souls
And I choose to be cheerful
When the ugly truth unfolds.

I don’t often say
That life is rough
Cause when I have to explain Words aren’t enough.

Then, there comes the silence
The utter silence.

But this silence breaks
When my words get personal
And I pour out my emotions
Into my journal.

This was a very simple poem but what counts is the reader’s perspective. I want to ask all of you: how much power do you think silence has? Or does it have any power at all? Sharing your feelings with a few people, being comfortable around your friends and family, being conformable with yourself… Does all of this count?

If we can talk, why do we choose to be silent and sometimes, if we can be silent, why do we talk? What conditions our mind to behave in a certain way? It’s a pretty bizarre situation up there🙂.

Personally, I think writing is a lovely idea. So, I prefer penning down what I feel instead of telling people about it. What do you do?

My next few posts will be award nominations and posts answering the questions you’ve asked during the blog party.

The Dussehra vacations have begun and exams are over!! Thank you for all your best wishes. The papers were not easy this time but I’ve written well. Hope the answer sheets don’t disappoint me😊.

I wish my fellow bloggers

A Happy Dussehra!❤️

Enjoy this festival season! Spread lots of love and hugs!🌹

Thank you so much for reading:)

23 thoughts on “The Power of Silence

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    1. Yes, I know the pain of breaking out after years about a traumatic incident (not decades cause I’m a teenager) This kind of silence is powerful and unhealthy in its own way. Thank you for sharing❤️

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