The Words of Rainfall

My eyes are dry and lifeless.

I’m placing my head.

On a window pain

With raindrops tapping on it


Millions of thoughts

Running across me.

What do you think?

Am I good enough for this society?

Do I have to be better? Can I be?

Is this my real personality?

Some random realisations.

Some feelings are merely felt

Not expressed.

Some words are merely penned down

Never spoken.

Some experiences are merely lessons

Not memories.

My life is merely a passage of time

Not immortal.

Life is what it is

For those little things that I often don’t see.

For all the moments I haven’t recorded

For all the words I haven’t heard

For all the people I haven’t appreciated

“I love you.

I care for you.

You’re the reason.

My life is,

Whatever it is today. ”

This is precisely what went through my mind on one rainy day. Fortunately I did not have my earphones so I had to lean myself against the window pain of the bus and reflect on my life. I started interpreting the scenery and the rain fall outside and think, “How often do we just think of who we are and what we have? All these moments are going to fade away very soon. What are we gonna take from these moments?”

Have you ever gotten philosophical messages from the rainfall? Do you love the rainy season in the first place? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading:)

Have a nice day:)

33 thoughts on “The Words of Rainfall

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  1. I love rain . It makes me always to be indoor , sit on my bay window and enthusiastically watch the rain that
    make my garden appeared so fresh with a sip of tea. 😍
    That too being in hot Chennai I love rain 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a fantastic way to enjoy the rainfall💖 I have a bad luck because when it rains, I’m either sleeping or in college (still deep sleep😂)
      Chennai out of all places🤣 It’s BURNING HOT there!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and enjoy the rain💜


  2. Rain is beautiful, it’s so part of nature and I love nature. And rain does make you think and reflect. I walk in the rain sometimes and just think about nothing😊. It talks to you.
    Just like this post spoke to me and it’s readers, people can relate to it, that’s what made it so beautiful🌹. It was so natural and it had character, leaning on the window pane, thinking and reflecting….so much emotion❤️. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

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