The Spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas

Is to give

Give all those who don’t get

It’s about the smile

Floating in the ocean of tears

It’s about the smile

Lying within a tortured soul

It’s about the roses

Lying on a bed of thorns

It’s about the festival of love

In this world of hatred

It’s about family and friends

Even with our petty quarrels

It’s about what makes us happy

Even in the hardest of times

It’s about forgiving

The people who have wronged us

It’s not about the faded lights

The fancy clothes

The unlimited wishes

It’s about love

All about love

That is utterly hard to find.

Hello folks!

I know I’m late but

Merry Christmas!❤️

I know I haven’t been active for quite some time. I had my 1st preparatory exams to write and pretty soon (and by pretty soon I mean in another week) I’m gonna have to write my second preparatory exam. I just want all of you to know that your love and support are the reason I’m here today.

I wish all of you a wonderful year ahead! Don’t forget to smile and spread some love!❤️

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