What Freedom Means To You.

Hey peeps! (If you want to directly read the post, keep scrolling until this font appears again) Before starting this post, I need your attention. I have been working with an amazing team of writers at:  A.L.B.O.E Blog We started the journey with a team of 20 to 25 blog writers and now we have... Continue Reading →

There Will Be Hope…

A hundred thousand pupils, Millions of talents, A hundred different personalities, Millions of stories to tell, But who lends an ear to them? We are given an ‘a’, a ‘b’, a ‘c’ and a‘d’, Mind it, only one is correct, No more, no less. In this rat race for a life, If someone loves you... Continue Reading →

Towards the Light

The darkness consuming my soul, The closed doors mocking my will to live, Among the suffocation and inhibition, There is a little light I want to touch. Nihilistic words clouding up my mind, Dreams turning into nightmares, A smile on my face, And tears in my heart, There is something about the light, That I... Continue Reading →

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