Taking a break from blogging.

Hello, guys! I've always been honest about myself on here and I'm going to honest right now. I cannot handle the stress of my final year in college along with all other commitments. I'm taking an official break from blogging until next time. If you've been genuinely reading my work, interacting with my posts and... Continue Reading →

My playlist update

I feel like Music has saved the last 2 years. Doesn't matter your taste, doesn't matter the language, doesn't matter the popularity, the well-strung voice and sound of instruments calm us down. Music videos bring music enthusiasts and fandoms together. It's a wholesome experience. Here's my 2021 playlist update. Some songs I've been obsessed with... Continue Reading →

The Phone Calls.

Hello, nice people! Here's another flash fiction piece for y'all. This one is a little more intense with a couple of triggers. I've mentioned them down below. Here we go. Trigger warnings: Alcoholism and sexual assault. Image credit: Social Media Week Neha: (On the phone) So yeah, if I've come so far, I want to... Continue Reading →

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