Happy Fathers’ Day

I can proudly say that my dad has done exactly that💜 He is a role model and I wish that every man in this country can think like him. He is a feminist. He is open minded. He supports whatever I support. He believes that education is authentic only when it teaches you how to live, not how to earn. I’m privileged to have him in my life.

He is a content man and strongly believes in the principle of simplicity. What makes him special is acceptance. Acceptance of gender, acceptance of what I wear, acceptance of sexual orientation, acceptance of different cultures, acceptance of different religions. It’s not easy to find someone like him in a country like India.

I think I am lucky and I will always be so. My mum and him waited several years for me and I am not going to disappoint them. I’m gonna give them love and support till they become stars.

Aren’t they just beautiful?🙂 Let me know some of the qualities that make your parent/parents special in the comments section below.

Happy Fathers’ Day to all❤️

I hope my Muslim blogger friends have celebrated the renowned festival of love, Eid, after the blissful month of Ramadan.

It’s a lovely festival which highlights the values of prayer, charity, sacrifice, love and respect.

Sending lots of love to all these lovely souls. In return, along with love, send me some of the food you made…😁😊

Thank you for reading:)

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