What Freedom Means To You.

Hey peeps! (If you want to directly read the post, keep scrolling until this font appears again) Before starting this post, I need your attention. I have been working with an amazing team of writers at:  A.L.B.O.E Blog We started the journey with a team of 20 to 25 blog writers and now we have... Continue Reading →

Racism in India

Yes, the incidents of violence against black people in the United States trigger everyone including me. Many Indians have stood with black lives matter and I am proud of them. Keeping this incident in mind, let us dig deep into the roots of racism in our country. We are Indians and we should address some... Continue Reading →

An April in Quarantine

Hey, peeps! I hope you are doing well! You can read the whole article. It seems long because of the pictures:) Technically, the lockdown in India started way before (in the middle of March). After about sixty days in quarantine, the country has not been able to flatten the curve. That being said, India has... Continue Reading →

For a Better World

The lush green grass The fiery red roses The prolific beings And rare sights of nature When I watch with the binoculars of love The entire world is in my hands. Hey! I finished two years on WordPress. This poem is for you guys! During these difficult times, I hope that you all are safe... Continue Reading →

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