Things I Love and Don’t Love About My Course

Picture credit: Google As you may or may not know, I am studying English Literature (in my final year right now). I have been interested in this field since childhood days. I love reading and writing. Sure- life gets in the way and I fall into a block sometimes, but it's lovely to be able... Continue Reading →

My Writer’s Block, help.

I am facing a terrible case of writer's block. I get most of my inspiration from meeting new people, travelling and literature. I have been trying to do everything I can but there is a lack of motivation. I promise I will come up new content ideas in February. Meanwhile, if you have any inputs... Continue Reading →

What Freedom Means To You.

Hey peeps! (If you want to directly read the post, keep scrolling until this font appears again) Before starting this post, I need your attention. I have been working with an amazing team of writers at:  A.L.B.O.E Blog We started the journey with a team of 20 to 25 blog writers and now we have... Continue Reading →

Racism in India

Yes, the incidents of violence against black people in the United States trigger everyone including me. Many Indians have stood with black lives matter and I am proud of them. Keeping this incident in mind, let us dig deep into the roots of racism in our country. We are Indians and we should address some... Continue Reading →

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