At the Borders

Wearing the shades of green and brown

Bathed in the blood of patriotism

Dressed in the clothes of warriors

Holding the letters of love

From families far far away

With childhood memories left at home

Disciplined and determined

With the courage of risking life

Working for the safety of his countrymen

Holding the guns to kill fear

Using the daggers of truth

They respect every moment of life

Men and women at the border

Inspiring the youth today

The real heroes of our country

The valiant souls! The soldiers!!

The army at the border!!!

My salute to all those brave hearts who fight for the country’s safety. It is not easy to do this job. Wars are brutal and traumatic but that doesn’t change the fact that war is inevitable and there are still young men and women who work day in and day out to make a peaceful tomorrow.

Thank you for reading:)

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