Quote of the Month [August]

Picture credit: Pinterest Never take friendships for granted. Call that long lost friend, laugh at your weirdest memories, thank your friend for having your back and most importantly, treat them with love and respect. Happy August and Happy Friendship Day! 💕

You’re Invited to my Blog Party- 1000+followers:)

Hello everyone!! I tried to send an invitation to everyone I could, but I apologize if I missed any of ya'll. EVERYONE is more than welcome here. I am here to celebrate your contribution to the growth of my blog over the last three years. I would love if all of you participated in the... Continue Reading →

Mid-Year Reading Wrap-up!!

Hello everyone!! I want to give ya'll an update on my reading life! These books are in no particular order. I am going to share two or three books from the end of last year too because they were too good to be left out (November 2020 to June 2021). Also, I have mentioned the... Continue Reading →

Time Lost and Gained [100th Post]

Hey everyone! I am so excited because this is my 100th post. Thank you to every person here for supporting my writing:) As a gift- I decided to write a little flash fiction post today. I hope you like it! Picture credit: Unsplash Brian enters his house only to see everything scattered. There is expensive... Continue Reading →

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