Be Proud of Who You Are!πŸ’œ

Hey, peeps!

This is the kind of letter you’d like to receive if you finally accept who you are and choose to be comfortable in your skin. Pride is a word for all of us, no matter the gender or sexual identity. Every life matters.

To the friend who came when everybody left:

I need some more time

I need a Taylor Swift song

I just came out of the closet

I swear it won’t long

Is this called suffocation?

With the closed windows and doors

My life doesn’t seem mine anymore

My self-esteem is down to the floor

Is this called bullying?

I feel like I have absolutely no one

When my best friend comes in abruptly

And she yells at everyone

She turns to me and says

I love you more now that you’ve accepted who you are

I’ll always love more, more than today

Always and everyday.

Yours truly,

The friend you loved unconditionally

It is not always who you are attracted to and who you’re in a relationship with. Sometimes, it’s just a hug from a person who cares expecting nothing but love in return. They can be your family or friends. Coming out should not be only for the LGBTQ community, it should be for everyone who wants to accept and cherish himself/herself with strengths, flaws and all. Your body, mind and heart are all yours. Nobody can make any decision about you.

Unfortunately, I countries like India, were always forced to be that perfect child. The pretty or handsome child who adheres to the boxes of femininity and masculinity, getting married to people from decent households, earning huge amounts of money from jobs that our ancestors wanted us to do. All this, for what? Have you ever thought? This is the case with many families and friend circles.

I am not saying that any lifestyle is not worth living for but pursuing any activity under pressure is not normal. You are being forced to do something you clearly don’t want to do. Why? For others. Is it worth it? Think about it. Let me know if you’ve been forced to do anything at anytime in the comments section.

My recent post:

An April in Quarantine

So, love everyone who have made you smile, don’t love the ones who have incessantly hurt you, forgive the ones who have apologised for doing you wrong. It’s that simple.

Stay safe and stay happy:)

Thank you for readingπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’•

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