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Heyyy people!!!

Since I have had to keep my distance from social media, I always reserve at least half an hour a day for recreation and that is, listening to music. Ah! Let’s get started. Just FYI, some of the songs are old and a few of them are new and they aren’t in an order of preference:

1. Dusk till dawn

2. A million dreams

3. That Girl

4. Attention

5. Thinking out loud

6. Treat you better

7. You are the reason

8. Rewrite the stars

9. Firework

10. Stand by you

11. Chances

12. Perfect

13. Different world

14. High on life

15. Love the way you lie

16. Photograph

17. Just the way you are

18. One call away

19. Whatever it takes

20. Blank Space

21. Natural

22. Thank you, next

23. Girls like you

24. Uptown funk

25. Flashlight

26. Give me Everything

27. Taki Taki

28. Consequences

29. Without me

30. Happier

31. The Way I Am

32. Payphone

33. Scared to be lonely

34. Believer

35. Little do you know

36. How long

37. In my blood

38. In the Name of Love

39. Shallow

40. I’m a Mess

41. We Don’t Talk Anymore

42. The Climb

43. Today’s the Day

44. Hips don’t lie

45. Let me Love You

46. Too Good at Goodbyes

47. Havana

48. Perfect to Me

49. Pray

50. Love story

Ah I’ve reached half a century yay! There are so many more songs I haven’t added to this list. What do you think? Do you listen to similar songs? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments sections…

Thank you for stopping by:)


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