The Sisterhood Tag

I have been nominated for the sisterhood tag by my blogger-friend Ally. You must must must check out her blog!! Her writing is so captivating that it’ll keep you away from everything else happening around you!! Her posts are appealing to an enthusiastic audience❤️ She’s a feminist!😊

The Rules

  • You must have the same featured image as what I have, the font, size and colour of the title be of your choice.
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and link this original post.
  • Answer the following scenarios.
  • Nominate a minimum of at least 3 bloggers.
  • Give at least 5 scenarios of your own.
  • Answer everything as best as you can!

Scenarios by Ally

  • You are at a cafe with your friend when you see your lifelong enemy coming at you. She hears you whining about not being able to buy a mocha, then she buys one for you. Do you take it? Why or why not?

Bruh!! It’s FOOD!! Of course I’ll take it! I’ll also throw some on her face!! (My life long enemy is a lady😈)

  • You have a diary that you’ve kept your whole life. Now, your close friend threatens to break your friendship unless you show her. Now, this diary has a lot of unpleasant stuff about her, especially during your rare fights. What do you do?

Ooohhh!! Spooky!!! I’ll definitely show it to her! She knows how I feel about her when I get angry on her that’s why she’s my close friend😉 And moreover, I’ve probably said all the “unpleasant” stuff on her face already.

  • Your friend came over to your house and the two of you do a lot of Musical.lys on her phone. For your birthday, though, she posted the weirdest one of you on Instagram, but with a sweet caption, and it’s garnered a lot of mixed comments. What’s your reaction?

I don’t like the thing. I also don’t like it when people post my pictures without my consent!! Just annoys me! I would’ve posted her weirdest picture I have!! Revenge should be taken😈

  • You posted a really exciting post on your blog, telling that you’ve got *insert number* followers. However, another blogger accuses you of bragging, badmouths you to a lot of people and even writes a critical post about it. What do you tell that blogger?

Firstly, no one does that! If anyone does, I would tell him to read my posts and genuinely tell me whether I deserve it. If that doesn’t work, I’ll delete that sentence from my post and accuse him/her of lying. 😈

  • You get a new boyfriend and he really likes everything about you, except the part where you continuously *insert your hobby*. You like him a lot, but you can’t live without *same hobby*. Tell him what you feel.

I ‘like’ you but I ‘love’ my hobby❤️ I think that should explain it.

My scenarios:

  • You spend an entire day with your guy best friend. The next day, your friend spreads rumours about you both being in a relationship!😮 Your reaction to someone who’s teasing you!!
  • You’re stuck in traffic. You have to reach your best friend’s house and you’re late by 1 hour😅 There’s an empty road but it is extremely rough. Which lane will you take?
  • There’s this teacher who has humiliated you in front of your peers and without any reason when you were in high school. Today, you are an accomplished teacher and he/she asks you to help his/her daughter in her studies. What do you say?
  • You’ve finished high school. You have to get into a college. You have narrowed your options to two colleges. One college is miles away from your house but there is more exposure and opportunities. Another college has a good staff and is near your college but there aren’t many opportunities and activities. Where do you go?
  • You are your friend’s bridesmaid and her drunk uncle comes and starts interrupting the wedding. What do you do? (Typical situation😉)

My nominees:





Dessert flower

Writing this post was so much fun!!❤️ I hope you guys too have fun!!

Read this!

Before I forget, I want to thank all my fellow bloggers for encouraging me throughout my blogging journey! It is because of your support that I’ve hit 300 followers!! I hope you continue to inspire me and love my work so that I can enjoy what I do🖤


I have uploaded my About Me page. If you want to know more about me you can visit:

All my general posts like poetry, articles and essays will be up on every Monday mornings or evenings according to Indian Standard Time. In Western countries, I guess it’s every Sunday/Monday.

Photography posts will be up on a Wednesday, Friday or Sunday depending on which week it is.

Quotes will be up in the beginning of every month.

Thank you for your time:)

18 thoughts on “The Sisterhood Tag

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  1. Thank you for the nomination!! Even before I saw the nominees list , I was mentally answering to your scenarios. And bruh, I can really relate to your reaction with the situations given to you. I probably would do the same.

    I will be doing it soon but you know 11th about to start😑

    Thank you anyway and congrats on hitting 300 followers!!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Tell me about it😥… Life is just so hectic now… I say enjoy your 11th cause 12th is gonna be a nightmare😈 (in most ways)
      It’s a pleasure to nominate you for the challenge after all you’ve already figured out what to write😉
      Thanks so much for the support🖤
      Can’t wait to read your answers!

      Liked by 1 person

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