See Through Her Eyes

Living in a house of hay

Feeding on just a single meal

Raising both her daughters

With no means to earn her bread

The husband’s hardly home

Even if he is, it’s for his own self

Any small mistake made by her

Her drunkard man retorts.

There is no forgiveness

Her body is bent

Her eyes are swollen

Her soul is abandoned.

When the first girl arrived,

She was mocked by all.

When the second one came,

She was almost kicked out of the house

But suddenly she was held back

Cause, who will cook?

Who will maintain the home?

Who will educate the girls?

Who will look after the fields?

If men are said to be stronger,

Why do social situations make him weak?

Why does commitment make him afraid?

Why doesn’t he deserve true love?

Why does he claim to be independent when he isn’t?

Some questions will never have answers.

But there will always be a solution.

One fine day,

She learnt how to say “No”

“No” to violence

“No” to drama

“No” to her husband.

She took off with the girls

With the dereliction of her heart

And a will to save her children

To find some work

To find true love.

When I see through her eyes,

I see the gift of womanhood

I see the gift of humanity.

Now let us see the fact sheets:

Even today, domestic violence is prevalent in many societies not only in India but in most parts of the world. In the above piece, I’ve described it from the perspective of a woman who is the victim. I’ve written it in this way cause I’ve seen such families with my own two eyes. It can also be the other way around. Domestic violence against men is also prevalent.

What do you think is the cause of this kind of internal violence in the family? Please comment below.

All I want to say is that we should respect everyone. Respect men. Respect women. Respect the third gender. Everyone has a life. Everyone has a different story to tell. Let them speak. Let them express. Be kind to one another. Spread love❤️

Thank you for your time:)

65 thoughts on “See Through Her Eyes

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  1. An inspiring poem for women to break the shackles of torture and move on. Today, it is encouraging to see women , refuse to tolerate physical abuse and walk out of it. When we are taught to respect each other as a fellow human being irrespective of their gender, rather than cast them in stereo type roles, things will definitely paint a better picture.

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          1. Wow!! Until now I always thought that my mother is the bravest woman😁 I’m gonna change my opinion right now:) 13 kids is a lot for a working or any mother. Thank her everyday and always make her special❤️ It’s a pleasure to get to know you!!

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  2. Great post buddy 😊. I am glad that you have posted something that concerns with many people. These happening are common in many places. I think it’s basically because people do not try to understand and give up easily in life. Only then they realise how much mistakes they had done. But by then it’s too late and there is no way to get that old peace back.

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  3. Great post. I think this kind of violence and pain starts many many generations in the family. When there is abuse in a family those children either grow up and become abusers themselves or become victims again once they leave the family. It is a cruel cycle and the only way to break the chain is to separate completely from those toxic members in the family and try to heal yourself by treating yourself with kindness. It takes a lot of courage to leave an abusive environment and even more courage to learn how to trust again, but it is possible. You are right, every human should only know kindness.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts❤️ It is very true. It is a cycle of cruelty but if we start respecting people for who they are and give them love♥️ Kindness is priceless it should be shown to everyone in the world.


  4. Unfortunately there is hell and heaven in our mind, positive and negative thoughts and our mind is controlling our soul, unfortunately not vise versa: we react on reactions, be they in the colour of positivity or negativity – it is because we do not have high ideals, like following the footprints of all competent holy Saints – they were living examples for us. So our society should start to teach that we should have non-violence in our thoughts, as this is the root. When our thoughts are clear and good, our words and deeds will be clear and good. We should understand that we all are sitting in the same boat. We all are drops of the Ocean Almighty and nothing else exists then Almighty power, we are part of it. When we see in each person this power working – then respect will be developed…

    Thanks for sharing, dear Rageshree 🙂
    Have a nice weekend

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  5. A serious topic in the world and something that pains me in so many multiple ways. Nobody has the right and may all the victims find a way to get away and go on. Thank you for bringing attention to this unacceptable fate.

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    1. Very true Rhapsody! It is a very serious issue which occurs on almost every household… All victims should be strong and teach the culprits a lesson for life! Thanks for the appreciation🖤

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  6. wow, this post really struck a chord with me. I decided after 12 years of domestic abuse (which resulted in me having to relocate with my children) to finally be brave enough to write about my experience in the hopes that it raises awareness.

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    1. I am very sad to hear about your story but the good part is that you’re liberated and you’re an inspiration not only to your children but to all of humanity. I’m happy that my post could relate to your feelings… It requires a lot of courage to share a story of domestic violence and I wish what you said raises awareness among everyone… Sending lots of Love❤️ and Hugs🤗 from Bangalore, India

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