My Mother, My First Love❤️

When you first held me in your arms

I knew that it was your long hidden dream come true

When you gazed into my eyes with zeal

I knew that our bond was special

When you jumped on the bed for my achievements

I realized that it meant more to you

When you stopped talking to me out of anger

I felt like half of my heart is empty

I know I won’t be with you forever

But your presence in my heart is eternal

I have your blood, you have my love

I am you, in a bigger size but at a younger age

I will always carry my love for you

Unconditional and pure

You’re the most beautiful woman I know

You’re my dear little mother!!

Everyday is mothers’ day but today is the day we acknowledge her presence in our lives forever. I wish all of you a very Happy Mothers’ Day!!💕

26 thoughts on “My Mother, My First Love❤️

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    1. Very true. It’s heartbreaking sometimes. She often gets angry with me but I have always have that feeling that she can’t stay mad at me for long cause I’m her little baby girl👼🙂 Thank you for reading❤️

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