Qualities of a Best Friend

I’m too young to have a clear understanding of how friends have an impact on one’s life but I know one thing for sure and that is everyone cannot be a best friend. There are some qualities required to be one:


  1. Trust: Every relationship begins with trust. Two people can be best friends only when each of them is considerate towards the other and is protective but not overprotective of each other. It is said that this is true in case of couples but I personally think that only if trust is nurtured in a friendship, it can be endeared in a relationship.
  2. Is there for you: In difficult times, it is the family that usually gets us out of the situation but we all know that sometimes, we need somebody of our age to handle certain issues. Even if being there for me will not effect my friend at all, he/she is always there. Any psychological issue due to loneliness, shyness, introversion is mostly shared with friends. It is probably because they can solve it by themselves. I don’t need a psychiatrist if I have a good friend.
  3. Accepts you the way you are: There are no expectations in friendship. I might be an introvert or extrovert, entertaining or austere, aggravating or soothing. It really doesn’t matter to a best friend. Friends expect you to be who you are and feel comfortable around them.
  4. Gives you a warning: If I fall into an empty well, there are two kinds of people who will react to the situation. One will jump inside and tell me that we’ll die together. The other will arrange for a rope and try to save me from the disaster. This explains everything. A best friend will never want to put his friend in danger.
  5. They Share: Best friends do not have a label on their feelings. Everything that concerns my best friend concerns me too and vice-versa. All kinds of feelings are shared in an authentic friendship. A true friend will always know what is or not bothering me. The first tear is seen, the second tear is caught and the third tear is stopped.Screenshot_2018-04-05-17-51-13-489_com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox.png

Honorable mention: A best friend never forgets your birthday!! If he/she does, it is probably not your birthday!

What are your opinions on this list? Did I miss anything? Please comment below.

18 thoughts on “Qualities of a Best Friend

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  1. This is a great list! Honestly with every quality I read here my best friend kept popping up in my head. Im truly blessed to have an amazing bestie. xoxoxo

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    1. Thank you🙂 I’m very happy you could relate. To be honest, earlier that day, my best friend called and I told her that I had not planned a topic to write about. She went like this- “Then write about me!” And that’s when it struck me why not about best friends? And yes I know… It’s a bliss to have an amazing best friend🙂

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