Being an Indian

This country has everything,

That a person looks for.

There are differences in everyone’s lifestyle,

But also unity among us all.

The Himalayas cover the northern part,

The huge and rocky mountain range.

The limpid rivers waving their way through

The Gangetic plains, hills and Deccan Plateau.

It’s great to be surrounded by people

Who greet me with a smile on their faces.

Every moment in the family and neighborhood

Is celebrated with love, exultation and Indian food!

The spectacular monuments, buildings and sculptures

With much credit to ancient history and artifice.


There are people from every walk of life,

From every region, race and linguistic community

Nobody’s ever alone here, nobody’s ever the last one

Cause they are bound by the power of love and empathy.

There are festivals of love. compassion and brotherhood

That promotes unity among Indians.

They are celebrated by everyone old and young

With enthusiasm and alacrity.

That describes the beautiful country I’m from,

‘India’- It’s the country where everyone’s always welcome!


26 thoughts on “Being an Indian

  1. you have written a tribute of love for your country and people that stands out. i felt the joy and the appreciation through your words and photos… Through your poetic gift, I have visited your welcoming abode and am encouraged by your welcoming spirit… thank you

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